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In order to be strong with your finances, you must build the strength. Best way to do this is work out your finical muscles on a daily base.

In the world today, we see people who make commitments and start out on news years saying they are going to head to the gym every day. The reason is they want to build up their strength and get in shape. They also understand that you must be persistent to not only get results but to keep results.

Persistence is the best way to financial fitness. Only the ones who stay persistent with their practices will gain wealth.

The same goes for our finances. Everyone wants to be financially fit but who wants to take the time to write up a budget, stick to it and learn how to say no when being confronted with purchasing a new item. The problem is we become so weak based on the opinion of others around us. We are forced to lower our standards and purchase something above our standards. Now, what if are thinking if you buy a newer car? That has to mean you will have better standards opposed to the guy driving the 10-year-old Honda?

So owning a car will make you look better But now think about it like this. Will that image help you when you are now adding an extra 400 bucks a month to your budget because of that car note and extended car insurance? Sure you can afford the car note, everyone can. But what sacrifices will you make when you can’t say no to that TV at best buy or that new phone at the store?

Learning to ask not “if you can afford something”, but “how can you afford something”.

You see, we all ask our selfs if we can afford something. That is how many people think and it builds no financial strength, only teaches you to think in a yes or no mentality. But what about for those people who think in the sense of asking, “How can I afford this”? Now taking that extra step, you are sitting back and actually digging into your mind and your budget on how this purchase will affect you. It’s time to start thinking in a way that will open up your eyes towards what really matters.

Example: If I make this purchase, I have a chance to be late on rent near the end of next week. I do have a car pending in my drive way that I am selling in which I did not budget for having that extra cash. Maybe I should wait until that car sells. Who knows, in 3 weeks, I may not even want to afford this item. On one hand, It is so nice and all my friends will like it. On the other hand, I know none of them will even come over until football season begins.

Start Your Daily Financial Workouts

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