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How to Build Passive Income with a Blog

The saying is strong, “it takes money to make money”. But in 2019, this has been proven to not be the case. I grew up with many of my friends starting up businesses and purchasing properties but none of them actually took the time to invest directly into building up their own virtual assets which are crazy. You can easily build up a virtual asset and build up to 1k a month after just a few years. If you were to attempt to do this with rental property, how much money would you need in order to profit an average of 1k a month? You will have a mortgage, repairs, insurance and taxes. Plus make sure that you are managing those renters and they aren’t going to skip out on paying.

Virtual Asset Benefits

Virtual assets are very powerful and can lead to a great form of passive income if you choose to invest time in those assets. These assets too often fail because people stop investing time into these things. Instead, those same people will go out and accept payment by the hour until they may have enough to invest into one asset that possibly falls on them. Do not limit yourself. You can build these assets in your free time and still sustain your business.

Creating a blog about something you love could get you a decent passive income for a hobby you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be hard work. Also, you don’t have to fork money over for parts of your investment breaking every so often. These types of assets include mobile apps, games, or my favorite, the blog sites. Starting up a blog site is easy cheap. We will go over the steps in order to build your site.

The initial investment

The first thing you are thinking is websites are expensive but if you are just build up a basic blog site, the building is so simple that even a caveman can do it. Using a platform like WordPress, you can easily put together a site in seconds. More people spend time attempting to think of a blog name than they do to create the actual site. Most likely, you will purchase a domain name for just 12.99 a year and pay no more than $150.00 a year in hosting or prices around $12.50 a month. Since these are blog sites, you do not need overpriced hosting plans. You can also pay for these plans monthly which means you can start blogging on your site for just $30 bucks up front.

Picking a subject

First, you need to pick a topic. As said before, picking a name is the most difficult step in starting up your blog site. But how do you pick a name? Simple! Do not over think it and keep it simple. You want to pick a short domain name that is easy to share verbally with a potential fan. If you like cars, then write about cars. If you start studying investments, then start writing up about your current investment readings. Particularly, you will want to start a blog on something you enjoy. Remember that you do not need the whole internet to use your site, just a small audience in comparison will bring you wealth.

Building up the investment

Once you have completed the initial basic website build, which is super easy with all the DIY tools you can find here or even YouTube, you just have to start writing up content. You don’t have to worry about a structure of content, just write about the subjects that pop into your head. For example, if you are writing unique content based on cars, write about the uprising of the 4-cylinder muscle cars. If you like plants and it is winter time, write about starting up the garden in your winter season.

Once you complete one article about your garden in the Winter season, you can easily expect to come up with additional writings like summer garden tips or spring beginnings. The sky is your limit unless you are an astronomer, then you have a little bit more ground to cover. (excuse the pun)

The content shouldn’t even be written with advanced vocabulary. They say to write just like a 12-year-old and to make it simple and easy for readers to understand. Advanced writers tend to have lower SEO(search engine optimization, AKA, getting found on google) scores because readers and search engines struggle with understanding the content on their sites.

Sharing the content

Next, you will want to share your content with others. Let’s be honest here, sharing content today is super easy in comparison to back in the old days when you had to pay just to get your content published. You can find blog groups, blog sites, social media and much more. You can start up your own Facebook page and start building up an audience that you can easily see analytics about and find out what you need to do in order to grow your reputation up. There is no limit to your exposure. This is the same as a Vlog or a Blog.

Monetizing your content

Once you have built up your content, as in, as low as just 10 articles, you can easily get your site monetized. You can use Google AdSense which is consistency, but doesn’t pay nearly as well as the competitors. Your site will pay you back based on your visitors. Share those articles with ads on the pages to all the resources mentioned above over and over. You will start building up additional audiances that will keep coming back or accidently just find you on the internet.

Stick with it

If you stick to these basic formulas, you will in no time build up an audience. The two reasons people fail is because they either do not post consistent content or they do not build up an audience. If you have 300k, go ahead and purchase a headache of properties or start up a business. But if you want to start up a virtual asset that can grow without a large investment, go for it. You are simply just adding to your hobby with the ability to benefit from it. If you are already reading up on makeup, write about it. Do not worry if your site looks perfect or not. Craigslist and Reddit are great examples that your site doesn’t have to look flashy or advanced. If you put up the content, readers will follow.

How about the numbers?

Numbers do change based on the industry but unlike other sites, I have decided to put together an estimate based on multiple results across the internet to give you a virual understanding. First off, you can link your website to google analytics, use google adsense or simply use the Wordpress app on your phone to track your traffic.

In going off of the easy equation of every 1k visitors, not views, would be around 1 dollar. Of course, the same visitors can click additional ads on your site and bring in more traffic. But just for simplicity sake, you can almost expect to make 1 dollar. But these same results, depending on your ads can bring in even 4 dollars per 1000 visitors giving you 200 a month. At this point, you can even add additional funnels of income like affiliate marketing and private sales but that will be for another article.

Well what are you waiting for?

Get out there and start blogging. You do not need a website to start writing up your own private content. Start posting up articles on your OneDrive or Google Drive now and start building your virtual assets for tomorrow. Blogging really is a fun way to create a passive income out of something you love. Yes, it takes time, but if you focus on things you enjoy, you really can’t go wrong.

How To Build Passive Income with a Blog

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