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Breaking Your Budget

Splurge Spending

Have you ever heard the statement “I went to Walmart to purchase a bottle of shampoo and 300 dollars later, we left”? This happens to us all the time. You walk into Walmart with a list (well, some of us do) and you are on a mission to get in and get out. All you need is eggs and milk. Then you walk by the frozen food area and decide to add ice cream to your list. That Blue Bell isn’t cheap, but you don’t change your budget for this.

Domino Effect

This appears to be the pattern as you continue through the store. Before you know it, you bought candy, snacks, extra soda, cake mix, special bread, cheese, more yogurt. Etc., etc., etc. You’re here anyways, so why not stock up, right? But, it doesn’t stop there. You are in a shopping center, and you start to wander past the other aisles. You purchase a video game, new shirt and a cute hat. Now when you get home, you realize a lot of what you bought was the impulse buyer in yourself. Did you even budget that video game? Sure, it was a good deal. You told yourself it was, but where will that 30 dollars come out of before the end of the month? We know you are not going to tell your friends you can’t go out tonight because it would be embarrassing to stay inside over a video game. We know you must pay your car insurance. You can’t cut gas prices. I guess it’s safe to say that if you can’t afford things at the end of the month, you can just skip lunch.

Now you have to do this for every dollar extra you spent. That $15 hat, $7 ice cream tub, the soda that wasn’t on sale so you spend another $2 times 3 packs. Do you realize how much you actually are spending extra when doing this?

If you spend just 20 dollars extra every visit to the store, once a week in a year; This is what you spend.

1 month $86.67
3 months $260.00
6 months $520.00
1 year $1040.00
2 years $2080.00
5 years $5200.00
10 years $10400.00
20 years $20800.00

So, next time you head to Walmart and spend just an extra couple dollars, just think to yourself what you could do without that 12th hat being added to your collection.

Going to the grocery store for 3 items, leaving with 30…

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